Look Good, Feel Good // Designers Using Recycled Materials

The fashion industry is rapidly changing, and for the better. Each day there are more and more artists and designers trying to find new ways to improve their impact on the environment as well as provide fair wages and working conditions for their employees, and it is making the world a more beautiful place.

There are times where some major companies may use loose definitions of terms like “fair-trade” or “organic”, and the two qualities do not neccessarily accompany one another. The thing is, there are no laws behind labeling a product or brand “fair-trade”, so the term can be thrown around quite a bit without any real verification. Fortunately, there are several organizations that third party certify products as fair-trade. You can look on the tags of garments or usually on the right side of food products for a symbol of verification. 

But fear not, we have done our research and offer you a list of some of our favorite designers taking strides in the eco-luxe world!




Hand-crafted, sustainable, fair-trade, and recycling scrap materials are some of the many aspects that make this a truly innovative and eco-friendly company that we can totally get behind. They also use two different strategies when producing garments to maintain a zero-waste philosophy. Plus, they have great little bits of info on each piece such as who it was made by and how to style it.



We can all do our part as consumers to help reduce the production of leather goods. But what to do with the leather that has already been produced? Instead of letting it sit in landfills (which can take up to 25-40 years to biodegrade) Looptworks went so far as to upcycle 43 acres of leather from the seats of retired Alaska Airlines plane seats and turned them into hand bags & other carry-on items. Talk about a unique take on repurposing!

G-Star Raw Jeans


Having a celebrity endorser or collaborator is one of the most surefire ways to bring attention to a company or product, and when it’s for a positive change, the outcome is all the more powerful. We were thrilled to hear that Pharrell is collaborating with G-Star Raw Jeans, creating awesome designs for both men and women out of plastic salvaged from the ocean.


Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 2.02.49 PM.png

Titania Inglis’ chic and innovative designs are all made in a small NY factory, using sustainably sourced and organic textiles (including Italian vegetable tanned leather). The best part? Many of her garments can “metamorphose” to be worn in a different style, which then reduces the need to produce more.
We know there are loads more brands out there making positive changes every day, and the list is just continuing to grow.

Stay tuned for more of our favorite innovative designers as we discover them, and be sure to tell us some of your favorite finds!




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