NICORA SINCLAIR BOOTS // Why Handmade Shoes Are Making a Comeback

The art of shoemaking has changed drastically over the course of history. In the beginning, and for most of its existence, shoemaking was a well-respected handicraft that was passed on from generation to generation. Since the commercialization of shoemaking in the mid 18th century, shoes are mostly made in large factories on mass scale with almost no differentiation between each pair. This type of efficiency would set the tone for how most shoes are produced now.


So HOW could the production of more shoes faster and more efficiently than ever be a BAD thing?


Handmade shoes and garments are better for the environment and our communities. Automated machines have replaced jobs that humans used to perform, especially trades such as shoemaking.  Improved robotic technology combined with new machinery quickly replaced handmade techniques and jobs for shoemakers who passed their skills on for generations.  And although technology can be a good thing, as tools are used in the handmade process as well, it’s important to keep these artisan trades alive in our communities.

Women’s Vegan ‘Sinclair’ Boots in Black

Handmade items often last a lot longer than commercially made goods.  Skilled shoemakers like NICORA often handpick better quality materials including non-toxic, recycled and sustainable materials.  Machine stitching is not nearly as strong as hand stitching. Welting done by a machine can’t match the quality and durability of hand welting. While machines mean speed and higher production rates, handmade shoes can provide more comfort and quality.


The Sinclair boots by NICORA were designed and manufactured right here in Los Angeles. An animal & environmentally friendly company, NICORA uses domestically sourced raw materials, superior leather substitutes and fabrics made from recycled plastics/textiles. Offering both men and women’s styles, their classic designs with a modern feel are a great staple for any wardrobe.


We love the Sinclair boot for it’s classic 90’s feel and we know we’re going to wear them with EVERYTHINNNG.  Leave a comment below and tell us how you’d style these babies!

WHERE TO GET IT: available online only $279 {FREE shipping + save 10% when you sign up for their newsletter!}







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