ACURE Brightening Mask // review

If you follow our Instagram account (you should!) then you’ll know that a while back we perused the natural section of one of our local Targets to find some of our favorite products that would be readily available and affordable for the majority of our followers.

Well, one of those items happened to be the ACURE brightening face mask, and let me start by just saying that I love it!

This mask is made with Moroccan argan extract and chlorella for thorough rejuvenation.


ACURE’s brightening face mask made it one worth sharing for many reasons, but we particularly love this company because they are:

  • 100% animal-friendly
  • use recycled/biodegradable packaging
  • are non-toxic

The argan oil in the mask has lots of vitamin E and EFA’s (essential fatty acids) for healing properties as well as anti-aging. This, added with the superfood chlorella – rich in vitamins A + C for added anti-aging – combine to create a totally refreshing pick me up for your face and leave your skin feeling supple and youthful.


I felt like this mask was much lighter when applying than some of the clay masks I tend to use, which was a nice change.

I let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then rinsed with warm water. While rinsing, the mask quickly lathered up quite a bit which surprised me but felt like a nice cleansing finish!

Overall, this is a quality product that I would definitely recommend ordering online or picking up at your local Target or Whole Foods!

Let us know your thoughts & other favorite masks!





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