LAVENDER LOVE // Why You Need This Oil In Your Life

If you are fairly new to using essential oils in your daily life, you’re not alone. I just started dabbling in them about a year or two ago but it’s a great way to use natural remedies for beauty and health.


If you only purchase one oil, I recommend Lavender. Lavender oil is one of the oldest beauty secrets and was used widely by Egyptians and Romans in beauty and ritual ceremonies. Lavender has also been studied in a variety of uses including reducing anxiety/depression, accelerated wound healing, aiding in sleep/relaxation and even helping reduce agitation in Alzheimer’s patients.   There are literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of ways you can use lavender oil. Diffusing it is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the aromatherapy and relaxation benefits of this oil, I often diffuse it in a small vaporizer during sessions with my clients. I love adding a few drops to a carrier oil and using it for massage to relax and calm muscles. I’m even going to try making my own lavender tea from dried leaves from my own lavender plant. Try to dissolve it if using for skin care to avoid any possible irritation but feel free to add a drop or two to your pillow at night for a great night of sleep.


Organic oils can be expensive, but organic is always better if you can get it. Some oils are not pure and may smell different. The quality of the oils will definitely affect the way they work for aromatherapy as well as for skin care benefits. Try to purchase your oils from a reputable retailer (we’ll link our favorite below).


Lavender oil is a great way to get started in the world of essential oils and there are so many more uses for it than I’m able to list here. Get a little bottle and try it out for yourself, there are so many free recipes online for making your own oil blends for diffusers, massage oils and more!


Let us know if you give it a try or already love Lavender in the comments below!


WHERE TO GET IT:  we love AURA CACIA oils as they’re easily available at local retailers like CVS, Target and Whole Foods—price varies (also available at $14.92).



Emma (V&V beauty editor + licensed esthetician)



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